The Abhorrence of Open Space, or, A Marketing Idiot’s Delight part 1

“What’s the first thing they see?” I imagine  marketing folks asking themselves at a meeting shortly after Blackstone took over Sty Town/Peter Cooper in late 2015. The  “they” refers to the prospective tenants led out the back of the rental office at 252 First Ave to be shown a bit of the complex and a model apartment. For more than half a century you would have seen elegant tree-lined pathways surrounding a paved unadorned open space, the perimeter of which was marked by a thin cast iron fence and park benches. The area bore a Zen-like simplicity in its from and function.  But, alas, just as nature abhors a vacuum, developers abhor an open space (and marketers can’t see the allure of “empty” space). Thus, the meeting concludes with: “We’ve got to put something there that will grab ‘em right away.”