Summer Solstice

It’s the summer solstice—longest stretch of daylight we’ll have all year—a good day to get out at dawn, listen to the bird song, observe the squirrels going about their daily business (mating seems to be of prime importance now—lots of mating chasing) and watch the tree shade shift as the sun arcs across the sky. And let’s not forget the rhythm of humanity—the scattered early risers, joggers, walkers, off-to-workers, followed by the build-up of swarms of rush hour people on their way to their walled-in pens (including me), and then subsiding again leaving the paths free and clear for the retirees to come out and take in what’s left of their lives (soon to include me). All under the trees. Another  reminder that the park-like setting is all due to the trees. Let’s not forget that before another healthy tree is earmarked for elimination.