The Abhorrence of Open Space redux

No one likes to admit being wrong, but in the case of the renovation of playground #7,  I may have no choice since it’s becoming increasingly apparent that it is, in fact, being used, despite my contrary prediction. Besides the young healthy men and women working out—no surprise there—the playground, now known as a “Fitness Playground,” has become a safe place for the elderly as well as for people recovering from injuries. Of course, it remains to be seen how much the colder weather will affect usage.

I continue to lament the loss of the two mature trees, especially at a time when we’ve lost so many trees along 14th Street to the L train Ave A construction,  but if the current utilization of  the playground—especially that of senior citizens engaged in disciplined physical activity— remains consistent, then, well, I’ll admit, albeit begrudgingly, I was wrong!

On another hot-button topic, I see the contentious issue of squirrels has come up again in the Town and Village paper. More on that to come. . .